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CalCat® Catalytic converters

Clean. Precise. Compliant.

Walker Calcat converters

  • CARB Compliant: Premium direct-fit and universal converters for pre-OBDII and OBDII vehicles in states requiring CARB-compliant converters like California, Colorado, Maine, and New York
  • Direct-Fit Design*: Bolt-on replacement solution with OE-style hangers, brackets, routings, and heat shields for easy installation and doesn’t require fabrication or welding
  • Doesn’t Require Break-In: Ready to operate with application-specific converter shell design and mat compression
  • Strong and Durable: Features thick OE-style flanges, hangers, and brackets for strength and stainless-steel body with aluminized pipe and heat shields for durability

    *For direct-fit units only
5 YEAR / 50,000 MI (80,000 KM)
5 YEAR / 50,000 MI (80,000 KM)
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