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The Truth About Converter Break-Ins

Challenge: Lost Productivity Due to Converter Break-Ins

Some aftermarket catalytic converter manufacturers strongly recommend “breaking in” their converters on the vehicle to allow for proper expansion of the mat, securing the converter substrate. This added step slows down the repair process, adding cost to the job in the form of lost bay and technician productivity.

Solution: Walker Catalytic Converters

For vehicles that operate under normal driving conditions, Walker catalytic converters are engineered to provide proper operation right out of the box. This means no break-in period is required before the vehicle leaves the bay.

Walker engineers select the correct canister design and mat compression specifications for each vehicle application. This added attention to detail can be seen in every step of the product development and manufacturing process, ensuring outstanding performance and reliability for the customer.

Walker Ultra® catalytic converters also feature premium substrate material and a high technology washcoat to ensure exceptional oxygen storage capacity.


Catalytic Converter_Cutaway Update
Ultra Direct Fit EPA Converter 50442

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