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How to Properly Install the Outlet Bracket on a Manifold Catalytic Converter

Key Emissions Repair

Replacing the catalytic converter on a vehicle ensures that it runs efficiently and that the exhaust system properly reduces harmful pollutants and emissions. When completing the repair on a close couple manifold catalytic converter, there is a step that is often overlooked that can lead to premature failure.


Issue: Missing Mounting Bolts Lead to Customer Comebacks

Sometimes while rushing to get the job done, the bottom mounting bolt(s) on a close couple manifold catalytic converter gets left off. It is easy to think that leaving just one or two bolts off won’t matter because there are several bolts holding the converter to the head of the engine. However, the bottom bolt(s) does serve an important role in ensuring that the converter is securely attached to the engine block.

If the bottom bolt(s) is left off, the converter may move and vibrate causing the pipes to bend hundreds of times per minute. This excessive flexing can lead to a fatigue failure of the converter. Typically, the failure occurs near the top weld where the manifold is mounted to the converter body. If the new converter is installed with the same procedure, the result will be the same – a premature failure of the converter and a costly customer comeback.


Solution: Install All Bolts to Prevent Structural Failure

To ensure the durability and long life of the converter, it is critical that all bolts are installed when replacing the catalytic converter. To avoid excessive movement and premature failure of the converter, the catalytic converter must be properly secured at the engine head and block.


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