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How to Store Exhaust Pipes in Your Warehouse

Staying Organized

When storing auto parts, warehouse space is a valuable commodity. Making efficient use of the space in your warehouse is key to keeping everything neat and organized. Because they’re long and hard to handle, exhaust pipes can be a challenge to store. Hanging exhaust pipe correctly ensures that the pipes don’t swing and become damaged. Follow these tips to properly hang exhaust pipe in your warehouse.

How to Hang Exhaust Pipe


Step 1 - Heaviest Portion Closest to Ground

When holding the exhaust pipe lengthwise, make sure the heaviest portion of the pipe is closest to the ground.


Step 2 - Insert Pipe

Once the heaviest end of the pipe is closest to the ground, you’re ready to use the pipe hook to hang the product. Insert the pipe hook directly into the top of the pipe.


Step 3 - Pull Back

Pull back – not up – on the pipe hook to ensure that it is secure. The lip of the pipe hook will lock into place when pulled against the pipe.


Step 4 - Check for Protusions

Once the hook is secured inside the pipe, hang the hook onto the cross bar of the exhaust products rack.

  • Be sure the pipe isn’t sticking out into aisle traffic.
  • The pipe should hang so that any protrusions, pipe bends or other possible obstructions are facing away from aisle traffic.
  • Any protrusions should face toward the back of the rack.

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