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Reasons to Require
Commercial Vehicle Exhaust
System Replacement

Taking a Closer Look

A thorough inspection of a commercial vehicle’s exhaust system can identify components that are near the end of their useful service life. It can also identify exhaust leaks that can lead to harmful emissions entering the cab of the vehicle. Recommending replacement of worn components to your commercial vehicle clients eliminates the potential for service failures and maintains vehicle safety. 

Examples of wear defects requiring exhaust system replacement:

  • Leaking pipe/elbow/flex

  • Corrosion hole(s)

  • Broken or missing mounting component(s)

  • Rattling or knocking noise from exhaust

  • Excessive engine noise

  • Internal/external muffler or pipe damage

  • Clamp failure

Costs of a Worn Exhaust System

From down time with vehicles out of service, to fines for not being in compliance with state and federal guidelines, a worn exhaust system can cost your commercial vehicle customers in time and money. Replacing worn parts with Walker components helps your clients keep their money where it belongs: in their pocket. Walker products optimize efficiency and performance in hard-working heavy-duty vehicles.  

Benefits of Replacing Worn Components

Replacing worn exhaust system components can pay off big for your commercial vehicle clients. Benefits include:

  • Maintain proper engine performance – Replacing worn parts as needed ensures the engine is performing at a high level.

  • Improved fuel economy – A properly functioning exhaust system improves fuel efficiency. Excessive back pressure due to failing exhaust components, such as mufflers, can lead to reduced engine efficiency and reduced fuel economy.

  • Prevent vehicle and driver down time – A high-performing exhaust system keeps a fleet running and drivers on the road.

  • Comply with Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines – Stay in compliance with emissions and noise regulations with an efficient exhaust system.

  • Reduced emissions – Exhaust leaks can lead to cylinder imbalance issues, which are one of the main reasons for elevated emissions.

  • Prevent in-cab engine emissions exposure – Repairing failing exhaust system parts ensures driver health and safety.

  • Avoid creating road hazards with worn or unsecured part failures – Prevent potential accidents and protect other motorists on the road by replacing worn or loose exhaust parts.


Learn more about quality commercial vehicle exhaust parts, find the right heavy duty part, or find a local repair shop today. 

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