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Use OE-Style Components for Lasting Performance 

OE-Style Parts – It Matters

As a leading supplier to global vehicle manufacturers, Walker® Ultra® catalytic converters are available in direct fit and universal designs for OBDII vehicles. Each Walker Ultra converter includes a high-technology washcoat and the optimal loading of precious metals for each corresponding application. Walker engineers design each direct-fit converter to include the precise combinations and characteristics of components to deliver OE-style, fit, sound and performance for every application. 

Walker emissions control products are application-specific and include OE-style pipe routing, flanges, hangers and enhanced heat shields to help provide trouble-free performance while allowing for quick and easy installation.

Part Number

Walker Ultra Direct-Fit Catalytic Converters #16577, 16581 & 54626

Applications & Advantages

Walker Ultra catalytic converters, such as part numbers #16577, #16581 and #54626, feature OE-style, vehicle-specific components for a more precise fit and longer service life.


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