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Why Muffler Geometry Matters 

Shape & Size Affects Muffler Performance

A muffler’s “cross section,” or engineered shape and size, helps determine its sound characteristics, ease of installation, and exhaust system backpressure. When designing replacement mufflers, some manufacturers consolidate shapes for maximum production efficiency and reduced cost. Unfortunately, this approach can lead to customer complaints, changes in engine performance and increased installation time. In addition, new vehicle technologies such as variable-valve timing and cylinder deactivation require the correct cross section to prevent degraded in-cab acoustics, including “exhaust drone.”

The Right Sound, Fit & Performance





Walker® Quiet-Flow® SS Mufflers




Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra ½-, ¾- & 1-Ton, 6.0 & 8.1L 2006-2014

Walker® Quiet-Flow® SS mufflers, such as part numbers 21576, 21706, and 21753, feature original equipment-style cross sections to help provide the quiet, OE-style sound experienced when the vehicle was new. In addition, these ultra-precise designs help ensure proper exhaust system backpressure and assist in fast, trouble-free installation.


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