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Pipes & tubing

Walker universal pipes

Walker® utilizes a state-of-the-art tube cutting manufacturing process, to produce burr-free tubing, providing easy installation. Modifications to the exhaust system including fabrication or welding may be required to install these universal parts.

universal pipes & tubing

Walker Exhaust Quick-Fit Pipe

Quick-Fit Pipe

Quick-Fit™ pipes are manufactured with aluminized steel for corrosion resistance and durability. They are designed with all the difficult bends included. A few simple bends are required prior to installation, to fit vehicles specific needs.

Download Quick-Fit Pipe Dimension PDF


Flex tubing

Available in galvanized, aluminized, or stainless steel to meet the specific needs of your vehicle. The flex-lock construction provides better flexibility with a leak-free connector, while universal fit allows for installation flexibility.

Download FlEx Tubing Dimension PDF

Straight Tubing_49006_2

straight tubing

Constructed with quality aluminized steel (where applicable) for corrosion resistance and durability, straight tubing is manufactured with a state-of-the-art distortion free tube cutting process to produce quality straight tubing in a variety of finishes, diameters, and gauges for easy bending and welding to meet any installation requirements.

Download Straight Tubing Dimension PDF

Elbows Foreground


Manufactured from aluminized steel for durability, Walker elbows offer a wide selection of designs and styles to fit all your exhaust repair needs.

Download Elbow Dimension PDF



Connectors/ Flex Pipe Connectors/Reducers

Walker offers connectors, flex pipe connectors, and reducers in a variety of styles and sizes for your installation needs.  

Download Connectors/Reducers Dimension PDF


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